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We have met many social entrepreneurs in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal that taught us more about the global issues that can be solved from the perspective of social entrepreneurship. We need your help to continue uniting continents and shortening the gap between Latam and the rest of the world.

Help us get the tools & methodologies we need to contribute to the construction of a more empathetic and sensitive society by supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign.

Help Mel & Paz to contribute for Social Transformation

Hello! We are Paz, from Chile, and Melina, from Mexico, two Latin Americans traveling through India and South Asia,
seeking to bring continents closer by telling the stories of social enterprises, crossing the language gap.



A year ago, Paz arrived in Asia knowing very little about the culture. Soon she realized that despite the many differences between Asia and Latin America, as developing countries, both face the same difficulties in issues such as education, health, agriculture, water, waste and much more. And just like in Latin America, people are solving these problems through entrepreneurship.

However, there are not many people in Latin America who speak English, and most of the solutions to these problems from entrepreneurs are inaccessible to Latin America due to our biggest barrier: language. 



Meli joined the adventure in Asia a little over 3 months ago and now both are fighting to inspire Latin America with their project Ancla Latam, telling the stories of those who are changing the world from social entrepreneurship, living off what they are most passionate about.

Through social entrepreneurship and sustainable practices, both believe in collaboration, knowledge sharing, disinterested support and connection without letting language be a barrier. They have met many social entrepreneurs in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. And to continue uniting continents and shortening the gap between Latam and the rest of the world, they will share new knowledge, available to all.




In an academy for justice and peace called "Visthar", Meli and Paz are going to take a credited 4-week international course, in the south of India, about minorities and marginalized by society, understanding social constructions from a transformational education methodology, and thus understand many of the problems that can be solved from the perspective of social entrepreneurship.


With this course we want to shorten the cultural gap that exists between continents and tell everything we learn here through Ancla Latam’s social networks.

The first USD $ 1,400 will be to cover the costs of our participation in the Visthar course, money that will cover the course, accommodation, food and materials; But we hope to exceed this goal to continue working on Ancla! The following USD $ 200 will cover our transportation costs to reach the program; the following USD $ 200 after that will help us cover the running costs for the website. If there is any money raised after that, the first USD $ 1,800, will cover our basic living costs while we translate and package all the material learned during the course, to continue meeting entrepreneurs, writing their stories and dedicating all our time to unite Latam with Asia and the rest of the world.




So, we propose an exchange: we believe that this course will give us the tools we need to contribute to the construction of a more empathetic and sensitive society. An inclusive society, more just, more human from different cultural perspectives. And the best thing is that we have a lot to give in exchange for your support.

How and when will the rewards be delivered?

From July 2018 onwards, depending on the reward you choose and the country in which you are in, we will have different delivery dates. Please, continue reading for more information.




* Topics of conferences / workshops for prizes of $ 160-320 USD

- Social Entrepreneurship
- Social Innovation
- Social Entreprises
- Transformational Education
- Design Thinking
- Storytelling
- Networking
- Blue Oceans
- Canvas (generation of business models)
- Group interventions with a gender approach

Tell us if you would like to see other topics on this list!


Other rewards

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Gender, Diversity and Social Transformation

An international course accredited by XISS (Xavier Institute of Social Sciences), a premier institute for the study of social sciences in India. Attracting participants from across the globe, representing Civil Society Organizations, Human Rights Commissions, Educational Institutions, Faith Based Organization, Community Based Organizations and Social Movements.


1st - 25th May 2018


Visthar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Founded in 1989, Visthar is a secular Civil Society Organization committed to social justice and peace. Located in a serene six-acre campus away from the hustle and bustle of Bangalore city, Visthar has a rich history of involvement in community-based-advocacy as well as transformative education with a strong link to the international academic community.

For more information on Visthar, you can visit www.visthar.org

Contents / Themes

  1. Gender, social relations and social institutions
  2. Gender, masculinities and development
  3. Gender, disability and inclusive development
  4. Gender, sexuality and reproductive rights
  5. Gender, poverty and rights
  6. Gender, disasters and conflicts
  7. Gender mainstreaming- concepts and methodologies

Course objectives

The course aims at strengthening participants:

  • Understanding of concepts of gender, diversity and social transformation in the Asian and African contexts.
  • Understanding of the recent debates on gender, third gender, masculinities, disability, women’s rights and empowerment.
  • Understanding of the implications of globalization, disasters and conflicts, for gender relations and women’s rights.
  • Understanding of the policies of the government and UN agencies from a gender and diversity perspective and evolve action plans to strengthen gender and social equity.
  • Skills in facilitating transformative learning in Gender and Diversity.


The course will follow an action-reflection-action model (Paulo Freire). The facilitators / resource persons will build on participants own experiences and knowledge base. The methodologies will include group discussions, case studies, role plays, audio-visuals, input sessions and exposure visits. Participants will share best practices and develop plans and strategies related to each module.

For more information on the course, you can visit www.visthar.org/transformative-learning/gender-diversity-and-social-transformation.html