Mantra 4 Change


“My partner Santosh and I have always been passionate about teaching. We started by teaching children in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of Bangalore, the technological capital of India, after office hours. Soon we also started to get involved with their parents, until one day a school offered us to work with them full-time and train their teachers. So, we left our corporate jobs and went from teaching the children to teaching the teachers, but we realized that it wasn’t enough.”

“No matter how trained the teachers may be, even in private schools, if they don’t work in an enabling environment that supports their continuous knowledge building and promotes innovative practices, they will not be able to perform. And in an attempt to solve this problem is that Mantra4Change was born.”


Mantra4Change, led by its founders Khushboo Awasthi and Santosh More, seeks to improve the quality of education in existing under-resourced schools in India, integrating 3 main areas for effective student learning: the school environment, the teaching-learning process in classrooms and the support at home. Their philosophy is to empower the existing system and not create any parallel system.

“We believe that the essence of this model is replicable anywhere in the world if contextualized to the local culture and historical context of each country. We have developed pedagogical material together with large Indian educational institutions and first level mentors, and we would love to see it work in Latin America!”
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