Streets are full of holes. We protest to the government, who should fix it. The government says it’s going to do something … then it doesn’t do anything. While waiting we get used to living with the holes, complaining. In the end, nobody does anything.

“We are full of problems! And those that affect us all as a society are right under our noses, whether we want to see them or not. The real problem is that most people expect ‘someone else’ to take the initiative. In the process, we get used to living with these problems and normalize them, forgetting that we need a solution. It’s a vicious circle. People don’t see the potential of taking problems into their own hands. We could solve social problems from our own areas of interest much quicker than if we wait for others to do it.”

Arun Agarwal, founder of @JanitriOfficial, was born in a rural area of ajasthan, north India, where there are lots of social issues. In order to improve the situation of his family and his community he studied engineering. Later he developed his interest in the medical area. There he found that every year around 2 million newborns and more than 250,000 pregnant women die at some point between the first contractions and birth. There is not enough qualified personnel or medical devices that can prevent this situation. “My studies finally became a tangible resource to create a portable and easy-to-use device that continuously monitors fetal heart rate and uterine contraction during the intrapartum period in health care centers for low-income women.”

“How long will we hold others responsible for the problems that we could solve ourselves? We have to take action, get out of our comfort zone and change our priorities if we want to live in a better world.”