“I don’t like to label myself as a ‘social entrepreneur’. Twenty years ago, I started a business where I was able to make the most of what nature has to offer; through fair trade, employment of over 50 women in my community, feeding poor children in local schools, creating healthy products and forming an alliance with other people, is my way of giving back to the community. And all that thanks to an alga called spirulina.”

Spirulina is a tiny algae, that contains high levels of protein and other essential micronutrients. Over the years this spiral-shaped algae has acquired the reputation of #superfood, since it has many health benefits. It grows naturally in alkaline lakes rich in minerals, very often near volcanoes or in places with thermal activity. “We grow it in shallow ponds, add nutrients to it and shake it many times a day to accelerate photosynthesis. Then we collect it, we filter it and we remove as much water as possible to form a solid paste. Then we dry it in the sun in the form of spaghetti, resulting in a versatile raw material of the highest quality.”


“Despite our efforts to contribute to society, there are always people who wants to put you down; I have found that they are usually the same who call themselves social entrepreneurs, without having done anything tangible for the most vulnerable.”

“Being a social entrepreneur is a characteristic, like being intelligent or assertive. It’s a compliment that others should give you, not that you give yourself. Humility and empathy are required, qualities that some of the self-proclaimed social entrepreneurs are lacking nowadays.”

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